For ages, people who are into health, fitness, and training have been asking the same question: what is the best ab workout for removing stomach fat? The reason this question continues to plague people is because there is no one exercise that creates six pack abs. Abdominal exercises can strengthen and grow muscles, but they cannot get rid of fat on their own.

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Instead, a fully body workout is much more effective. In order to remove unwanted fat, a healthy diet and intense workout regimen are necessary. The midsection is notorious for packing on inches of fat, and once it is there, it is hard to eliminate. To lose belly fat that is stubborn, a person needs to focus on their overall weight. Dropping pounds is the only way to lose stomach fat.

Workouts should include alternate cardio and weight lifting days. The cardio burns calories, speeds metabolism, and increases endurance. Free weights and machines are meant to target certain muscles to increase strength and maximize fat loss. A great ab workout consists of full body exercises like squats, lunges, dead-lifts, and sprinting.

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After the fat is removed, six pack abs have the chance to shine. More intense ab workout sessions and core training will be added to an exercise regimen to achieve a flattened stomach. These strategic workouts will give people the abdominal results they are looking for after they lose body fat. Without losing the fat that covers the abs, the muscles will still be developing, but nobody will be able to see them.

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